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Conference and Workshop Videos

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LSCITS Annual Symposium - York, 12th June 2013

Last LSCITS public symposium reflecting on last six years of the project, looking at project outcomes, and future research. Linda Northrop, SEI Fellow and Chief Scientis of the Software Solutions Division at Carnegie Mellon University, was the key guest speaker at this event. Click on a video below to view presentations.

justin keen presentation


marta kwiatkowska presentation


john mcdermid presentation


linda northrop presentation


ian sommerville presentation


andrew burkimsher presentation


ali kahjeh-hosseini presentation

afnan khan presentation


LSCITS Cloud Workshop - Lake Grasmere, 22nd - 24th April 2013

Videos to be uploaded shortly




LSCITS Annual Symposium - Bloomsbury, London, 7th November 2012

The LSCITS group met in London on 7th November 2011 for their annual public symposium with guest keynote speakers:
Dr Sarah Sheard, Third Millennium Systems, USA.
Prof. Robin Bloomfield, City University London.
Nigel Shadbolt, Co-Director of the Open Data Institute and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton.
Click on a video below to view presentation

ian sommerville

Radu Calinescu

Marta Kwiatkowska

LSCITS Annual Post Graduate Workshop - London, 6th November 2012

Video presentations from the LSCITS Post Graduate Workshop
Click on a video below to view presentation

Hashem Ali Ghazzawi

Michael Meadows    

Cloud Computing Workshop - Lake Windermere, February 2012

The LSCITS project held a two day workshop in Lake Windemere in February 2012. This was a show and tell event where researchers gave an update on the status of their work and discussed future possiblities with colleagues.

Julian Williams Talk

Ali Khajeh-Hosseini Talk

David Greenwood Talk

James Smith Talk

Ken Johnson Talk

Alex Voss Talk


Enterprise Cloud Computing Workshop - Edinburgh, June 2011

The LSCITS project in partnership with St Andrews University held a summer school in St Andrews during the week 6 to 10 June with a one day event in Edinburgh on 7 June on the subject of Enterprise Cloud Computing.

Guest Speakers: John Donnelly of Microsoft, Sachin Duggal of Nivio, William Fellows of 451 Group, Alex Heneveld of CloudSoft Corp, Ian Osborne of ICT KTN and Matt Wood of Amazon

Ian Sommerville St Andrews University Talk

Ian Osborne - ICT KTN Talk

Alex Henfeld - Cloudsoft  Talk

Matt Wood - Amazon Talk

Radu Calinescu - York University

Sachin Dugga - Nivio Talk

William Fellows talk




LSCITS Annual Symposium, London, November 2011

The LSCITS group met in London on 31st October and 1 November 2011 for a two day event featuring a postgraduate workshop and public symposium with guest speakers Gillian Tett of FT, New York, on the subject of "A View from the financial markets", Kevin Sullivan of University of Virginia, on "A ULS Systems View of US Healthcare", Hillary Sillitto of Thales, on Design Principles for Ultra-Large Scale Systems, Andrew Frith of NHS-IC on "The NHS Information Centre" and Simon Smith of MooD International. The event was well attended and gave excellent networking opportunities for all involved.

Gillian Tett Keynote

Andrew Frith Talk

John McDermid and Ian Sommerville

Hillary Sillitto








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