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Primary LSCITS Initiative Contact

Prof Dave Cliff, Initiative Director:

Email: dc@cs.bris.ac.uk

Tel: + 44 (0) 117 3315105

LSCITS Project Management Officer
Mrs Viv Paulete

Tel: + 44 (0)117 331 5117

Email: Mrs Viv Paulete

Primary Engineering Doctorate Contact

Prof Richard Paige, EngD Centre Director:


Tel: + 44 (0) 190 4433242

EngD Centre Administrator
Mrs Dawn Forrester

Tel: +44 (0)1904 32-5415

Email: Ms Dawn Forrester

New Norton Security with Backup Discount Coupon

Norton has long history of providing security for the protection you need.! Insure safety of up to 10 devices, back up your data as well with a single solution! The great thing about Norton security with back up is that it allows you to protect up to 10 devices with back up. How great is that? Buying or finding back up data solution for devices can be cumbersome, and also expensive. Make sure you use this device and protect up to 10 internet related devices for the low price of $89.99 per year. Norton decided to simplify the coverage available and have one quality program that protects from threats and was available for back up. These are simply some of the options that users can enjoy.

These are some of the things you may need and be looking for when you choose to use Norton security with back up. This is ideal for those who want to protect a whole families internet use with a single back up. Make sure you have the back up you can use to fit your needs. It is one of the many things you can use. The Norton Security with Backup is a new product that just hit the market in 2015. Make sure you have what you need and make sure that you protect not only your own devices but the members of your own family as well. Make sure that you get the back up solution you can use for all the devices in your family. These may include smart phones as well as laptops, tablets and other internet related devices.. These are some of the great benefits you will find when you choose to get Norotn Backup with security. It is one of the state of the art devices you can use to protect your data at all times. The product also offers 25 gb of online storage space so this is one of the quality options users can benefit from and have at their disposal. It is one of the best options you can use to back up your data. The best thing about Norton Backup with security is that you can back up all of your family devices including pcs, macs tablets and smartphones for one low price.

Technical features

  • Fully protected against spyware trojans, malware and other issues that can mess up your computer
  • more devices can be added to the plan at any time
  • back up the data at any time with the 25Gb of secure online storage
  • is easy to upgrade from Norton 360 or Norton multi use device
  • is the single security solution can be used for all your families, or loved ones devices

User reviews

Users like the Excellent interface; Range of different types of scans; Secure password storage tool, easy to install these are all the sort of things you could expect with a quality product from Norton. Installation was really simple. Users go on to state that Norton has gone bit further with this device and made the product user friendly as well as able to disable a number of threats that had previously been an issue with the product. They report a "great product was made even better." Make sure you take advantage of this product and make sure that you get the virus protection you need and can use with this quality program. The product is priced at 89.99 and users who wish to buy the product can get discounts specials and coupons that make it available for even less.

Product discounts for Norton Security with backup are available at http://qetes.com and http://qetes.com/norton-internet-security-2014-coupon-code. You can get the product for 30 dollars off the price by going directly to Norton for a coupon, or you can find on Amazon for a discounted price.

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