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LSCITS Management

Operational Management

Operational management of the entire LSCITS Initiative was the responsibility of the Director (Dave Cliff, 1.0FTE), and the two Initiative Co-Directors (Ian Sommerville, 0.2FTE; John McDermid, 0.1FTE). Ian Sommerville managed integration across the various LSCITS work-packages and activities. John McDermid worked with Gerald Luettgen, the LSCITS EngD Centre Director, to manage the York-based LSCITS Engineering Doctorate programme.

The Director reported to the chair of the LSCITS International Scientific Advisory Board, and to the chair of the LSCITS National Stakeholder Board. These two boards provided their guidance and advice on the LSCITS research and training programmes.

The International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

To assure that the scientific quality of the Initiative was of international standard, the Initiative's International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) was formed from leading researchers in industry and academia worldwide. Membership of the ISAB was expected to change over time. Members of ISAB were:

  • Mr Dario Avallone, Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Italy.
  • Prof Robin Bloomfield, INDEED Director, City University.
  • Prof Alan Champneys, University of Bristol, UK.
  • Prof Steve Easterbrook, University of Toronto, Canada.
  • Prof Dr Matthias Jarke, University of Aachen, Germany.
  • Prof Cliff Jones, University of Newcastle, UK, (ISAB Chair).
  • Dr Jeff Kephart, IBM TJ Watson Research Labs, USA.
  • Prof Nancy Leveson, MIT, USA.
  • Prof Peter Lindsay, University of Queensland, Australia.
  • Prof Linda Northrop, CMU SEI, USA.
  • Dr Alberto Pasquini, DeepBlue, Italy.
  • Prof Dr Bernhard Steffen, University of Dortmund, Germany.
  • Dr Tony Storey, Independent Consultant.
  • Dr Mark Thomas, Independent Consultant.
  • Prof. Martyn Thomas, Martyn Thomas Associates, UK.
  • Dr John Wilkes, Google, USA.
  • Dr Steve Wright, Independent Consultant

The National Stakeholder Board (NSB)

As the LSCITS Initiative was intended to be a UK strategic investment, best meeting the national need given the available resources, the intention was that the activities of the Initiative would be conducted in consultation with a National Stakeholder Board (NSB). The NSB was composed of individuals able to represent the national research needs that the Initiative had been structured to meet, of representatives from the major sources of public funding, and also of individuals who had responsibility for other research programmes with which the LSCITS Institute needed to be well synchronised. Membership of the NSB was expected to change over time. Members of the NSB were:

  • Prof Robin Ball, CBiCS DTC Director, University of Warwick.
  • Dr Seth Bullock, Complex Systems DTC Director, University of Southampton.
  • Prof Philip Treleaven, UCL, Director of the UK Doctoral Training Centre in Financial Computing
  • Dr Brian Derry, NHS Information Centre.
  • Dr Hector Figueiredo, BAE Systems.
  • Prof Patrick Godfrey, Bristol/Bath Systems EngD Director.
  • Mr John Hand, ICT Programme Manager, EPSRC.
  • Prof John Hogan, CBiCS DTC Director, University of Bristol.
  • Dr Nic Holt, Fujitsu.
  • Prof Nick Jennings, DDIS Director, University of Southampton.
  • Dr Stuart Jobbins, Rolls-Royce, (NSB Chair).
  • Dr John Manley, Hewlett-Packard Labs.
  • Prof Tom McCutcheon, DSTL.
  • Dr John Parry, TPP.
  • Prof Nigel Shadbolt, WSRI Director, University of Southampton.
  • Dr Hillary Sillitto, Thales.

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