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Tips to Improve Videos and Portrait Photography Using A Pinnacle Coupon

For decades, photography is a profession that has gained popularity around the world. However, capturing good portraits is a daunting for many people, especially beginners. How do I improve my portrait photography? This is the question that runs down the minds of many photographers. Here are surefire tips to improve your portrait photography. 

#1. Use wide aperture 

You need to adjust your camera to portrait mode in order to get best results. In this case, the camera will automatically adjust its lens to wide aperture size. This is ideal for portrait photographs as increase the background blur, which makes your subject to stand out. 

#2. Get closer

This is one the most crucial tip when capturing portrait photographs. The main aim of portrait photography is to fill the frame of your portrait. In this case, you should get close to your subject so as to capture fine details as much as possible. The depth of field is reduced when you come closer to the subject. As the depth of field gets shallower, the background is blurred and would no longer cause distraction. 

#3. Choose a good background 

Choosing distracting background is one the worst mistake you can make as a photographer. Although you have an option blurring the background by the getting closer to the subject, you still have to choose a better background. Look for background colors that are complementary to that of your subject’s skin tone. If you are shooting a full body portrait, you can look for background colors are complementary to the subject’s clothing. 

#4. Try overexposure

Usually, most photographers do not want to try overexposure. However, great portraits result from overexposure. This will help to achieve clean image without flaws. For best results, you should not overdo it as it can damage your photograph. 

#5. Try different angles

Shooting from various angles is the best way to improve your portrait photography. For instance, you can make your subject seem more powerful taking the photograph from a lower angle upwards. Moreover, you can try eye-to-eye shooting depending on the height of your subject. Experimenting with various angles will help you get the most amazing portraits. 

#6. Try A Pinnacle Studio Promo Code.

Usually, sophisticated software like photo editing is  expensive. Large Scale Pinnacle Coupons reduce the price by 20%. Search online for a pinnacle promo code to get your discount.


Photography is an exciting profession that is practiced by many people. However, it can be a daunting task to master all the skills need for photography. The above surefire tips will help you improve your portrait photography. These tips will help capture the best portraits within few minutes of practicing them.

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